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3rd July, 2020

Hungary refuses to ease travel restrictions

Hungary will not comply with the EU decision to lift travel restrictions on 14 non-EU countries from July 1, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced yesterday on his Facebook page.

Hungary will maintain restrictions on persons entering from those countries, in the interest of Hungarians’ health, he said.

An exception is made for Serbia, with which Hungary opened its border last month.

The emergency task force met on Thursday to examine the EU decision.

Orbán also announced that mandatory “travel corridors” have been reinstated for those transiting Hungary.

There will be a “humanitarian corridor” under strict control for those who are only passing through Hungary.

The EU opened its borders to 15 countries from Wednesday. The countries affected are Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Rwanda.

Italy also said it will not relax restrictions on arrivals from the 14 countries.

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