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10th September, 2020

Wizz Air launches new unit in Catania

Wizz Air has opened a new base in Catania, Sicily, the budget airline announced Tuesday.

The airline previously flew to 15 destinations from the town but the new base will add Rome, Bologna, Venice, Memmingen and London-Luton to its direct services from Catania.

Wizz Air has operated out of the town since 2009 and has served 1.5 million passengers in or out of Catania.

The new flights will help boost local tourism, allow students to return to universities and strengthen business ties between Italy and abroad, Wizz Air underlined. (napi.hu; portfolio.hu; index.hu)
10th September, 2020

BA closes part of Terminal 2

Due to falling passenger numbers, Budapest Airport (BA) has closed part of Terminal 2 at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the facility manager announced on Tuesday.

The recently opened Pier 1, the check-in area, food court and arrival area in Terminal 2A and some of the departure area at Terminal 2B have now been closed.

Departing passengers can only check in - and arriving passengers only leave - via Terminal 2B. The Sky Court remains open, however. (portfolio.hu; napi.hu; hvg.hu; index.hu; nepszava.hu)
10th September, 2020

Court forbids Ryanair’s ‘Buzz’ brand

The Capital Appeals Court has upheld a first-instance court ruling that banned low-cost airline Ryanair from using its brand name Buzz. The name Buzz was deemed too close to Ryanair’s competitor Wizz Air, the latter, partly Hungarian-owned airline announced on Wednesday.

This ruling is only temporary but Wizz Air has launched a case to make it permanent.

Buzz is a brand name used by Ryanair Sun, the Polish subsidiary of Ryanair, which is one of Poland’s largest airlines. Ryanair assigned its operations in Budapest to “Buzz” in the autumn of 2019. (portfolio.hu; napi.hu; hvg.hu; novekedes.hu)
10th September, 2020

Ikarus to develop electric bus chassis

Ikarus Jarmutechnika, in co-operation with the University of Obuda is developing chassis for electric buses, the bus maker announced on Wednesday.

The Ft 1.582 billion project received a Ft 841 million state subsidy via the Economy Development Innovation Program (Ginop). The products will arrive by March 31, 2023.

In all, four chassis are being developed, one for articulated buses, two for city buses and one with complete body that can be tested in real traffic conditions, project leader Gyula Moor said. (portfolio.hu)
10th September, 2020

Bonusz Brigad signs bankruptcy deal

Bonusz Brigad signed a bankruptcy agreement with its creditors on August 31, the voucher company, which turned ten the following day, announced on Wednesday.

In the wake of the epidemic, the collapse of travel and other service sectors, and the change in shopping habits put Bonusz Brigad in a difficult position, the company underlined.

During bankruptcy protection coupons will remain available and after the process is closed new products will arrive, Bonusz Brigad added. (portfolio.hu; napi.hu)

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