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25th March, 2021

Covid statistics remain among world’s worst

Hungary not only has one of the world’s highest per capita Covid mortality rates, but has more Covid patients per capita than any other country, website 444 reports.

A total of 249 people died of the coronavirus infection on Tuesday, raising the total to date to nearly 19,000.

The number of infected people hospitalised dropped by 68 to 11,805, but it is not known how many of them were allowed to return home or how many died, 444 adds.

The number of patients on ventilators continued to rise to new highs, reaching 1,423.

A total of 7,587 newly infected people were identified from 33,000 tests on Tuesday. This means that 23% of the samples were positive, slightly lower than the figures of recent days.

About 60,000 people were inoculated, the highest daily figure since March 13. In all, nearly 1.7 million people have received at least one inoculation to date.

In the past two weeks, the number of infected people per capita continues to be the highest in Somogy, Komarom and Nograd counties. (444.hu; koronavirus.gov.hu)
25th March, 2021

Soldiers disinfect rural schools

Eleven army units are disinfecting nearly 140 schools and kindergartens between March 16 and April 6 at the request of the Human Resources Ministry, to make public educational institutions safe again.

Soldiers based in Papa disinfected 16 classrooms and nearly ten bathrooms with alcohol-based disinfectants, said Kinga Hutas Ruppert, principal of Szechenyi Istvan University Oveges Kalman Primary School.

Papa-based soldiers are also disinfecting schools in Vas and Veszprem counties. (atv.hu; hellovidek.hu)
25th March, 2021

Private inoculation company repays advance payments

Citing the “changing legal environment” Nemzetkozi Oltokozpont is repaying within a week the advance payments it had taken for future coronavirus inoculation services, the private healthcare company announced.

No further registrations will be accepted, but as vaccines become available those already registered will receive their vaccinations, the company said.

The company charged Ft 5,000 for registration, and took in Ft 25 million from 5,000 customers between August and November of last year.

The Budapest Government Office launched a consumer protection investigation into the company last week, questioning whether it may take advance payments.

Authorities earlier ordered the company to provide more information on its website, but the system of advance payments was not challenged, website 24 observes. (24.hu; telex.hu; hvg.hu; napi.hu; origo.hu; portfolio.hu)

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