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2nd July, 2020

No jail term for paedophile ambassador

Buda Central District Court on Wednesday sentenced Gabor Kaleta to a one-year suspended prison term and fined him Ft 540,000 for storing thousands of paedophile pictures on his laptop while serving as Hungary’s ambassador to Peru.

Kaleta pleaded guilty at the preparatory trial.

Blikk reports that Kaleta appeared wearing a white mask and sunglasses, and waited in the corridor with his face to the wall until the judge allowed him to enter the courtroom. He did not give his assent for photographers to take pictures of him.

Kaleta’s lawyer said at the trial that the former diplomat had lost 30 kilograms in weight, was a deeply religious man and should only be fined.

In a short speech, Kaleta said the case took a heavy toll on his family, his parents received phone calls from an unidentified number and the company where he was hired has also been harassed.

Because of the epidemic, the court sentenced him to a suspended prison term in May without holding a trial. The prosecutor’s office found that verdict too lenient and appealed for tougher punishment.

The present ruling is open to appeal. The prosecutor’s office and the defence asked for three days to consider the matter.

MP Dora Duro of the far-right Mi Hazank party complained that prosecutors did not even propose a prison term for Kaleta, although he had 19,000 pornographic pictures of minors on his laptop”.

The prosecution had agreed not to seek a jail term for Kaleta if he pleaded guilty. (blikk.hu; index.hu; atv.hu; nepszava.hu; hvg.hu; 24.hu; 444.hu)
2nd July, 2020

Dutch catch top Hungarian criminal

Dutch police arrested one of Hungary’s most wanted criminals on June 26 in the Netherlands.

The suspect, charged with selling Ft 150 million worth of drugs and distributing Ft 56 million in forged €500 banknotes, cut off a tracking device in February, 2019 and fled Hungary.

A court sentenced him in his absence to 12.5 years in penitentiary. There were six warrants for his arrest in force.

Detectives in Pecs identified his residence with the co-operation of Dutch police. As he was arrested, the man tried to identify himself with forged Austrian documents.

A Dutch court will decide on his extradition to Hungary.

Simultaneously with the capture, a shipment of 11kg of amphetamines and 10,000 ecstasy pills commissioned by the suspect was found in a Hungarian truck which entered from Austria at Mosonmagyarovar. (index.hu; hvg.hu; demokrata.hu; infostart.hu; origo.hu)
2nd July, 2020

Only two new Covid-19 infections

Two more Hungarians have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection, the lowest figure in ten days.

The number of actively infected people dropped by 21 to 857.

Another 169 patients infected with the coronavirus are hospitalised, of whom eight are on ventilators. (koronavirus.gov.hu; portfolio.hu)

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