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3rd June, 2021

Would-be terrorist captured

A Hungarian man who identifies as an Islamist has been taken into custody for preparing an act of terror, the Capital Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Wednesday.

The statement said agents had questioned and detained a 21-year-old man who is suspected of preparing acts of terror on Hungarian territory.

Prosecutors carried out the operation with the co-operation of the Counter-Terrorist Centre (TEK).

The 21-year-old suspect was caught in Kecskemet and detectives impounded explosive devices.

Magyar Nemzet reports that the man wanted to set off bombs at several locations in Hungary, starting with the Puskas Stadium, the Budapest venue of the upcoming European Football Championships.

The man wanted to set off bombs at mass events and planned to drive into a crowd, TEK chief Janos Hajdu told a press conference on Wednesday.

He said the suspect had been under surveillance because he took part in conversations on online pages linked to the Islamic State terrorist group. (magyarnemzet.hu; hvg.hu; ugyeszseg.hu; index.hu; hang.hu; 24.hu; borsonline.hu)
3rd June, 2021

Border guards accused in systematic bribery scheme

Prosecutors have pressed charges against 49 customs guards accused of regularly accepting cash from foreigners at the Roszke crossing station at the Serbian border, leader Imre Keresztes of the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office, announced on Wednesday.

According to the indictment, the guards on duty accepted cash bribes in the range of €5 to €100 from foreign passengers, bus drivers and truck drivers between October, 2017 and May, 2018.

Keresztes said the guards collected and then hid the cash and the department head or his deputy distributed the takings twice a month.

The 49 guards are accused of 4,356 acts of corruption. One guard allegedly took 66 bribes in one day.

All but one of the accused have been fired.

If convicted, they could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. (index.hu; 168.hu; magyarnarancs.hu; infostart.hu; 24.hu; telex.hu)
3rd June, 2021

New licence plates coming next year

New licence plates with four letters and three numbers will be introduced from July 1, 2022, Innovation and Technology Ministry state secretary Tamas Schanda announced on Wednesday.

Schanda said the move will not entail any administration-related burdens for owners and car operators and will not cost them anything.

The new licence plates will gradually replace the existing ones. (hirado.hu; alapjarat.hu; azuzlet.hu; demokrata.hu)

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