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18th May, 2023

Brazil drug baron may be extradited

A court has ruled that Hungarian authorities can extradite Brazilian drug lord Sergio Roberto de Carvalho, who was captured in Budapest last summer.

Brazil, the US and Belgium seek his extradition. Justice Minister Judit Varga will decide to which country he will be extradited.

The US wants to prosecute him not for drug trafficking, but for money-laundering, while Brazil and Belgium want to prosecute him for drug trafficking.

Hungarian police arrested Carvalho, considered one of the world’s biggest drug dealers, on the terrace of a Vigado ter restaurant on June 21 of last year.

Carvalho has an adventurous past, having used countless aliases and even faking his death with one of his identities.

He is wanted by the Brazilian authorities for international drug-trafficking, mafia activity, smuggling, money-laundering, forgery and murder.

By playing a connecting role between Paraguayan and Bolivian drug suppliers and European markets, he became one of the biggest drug dealers in Europe.

The criminal organisation that Carvalho controlled smuggled 45 tons of cocaine from South America to Europe in 2017-19. (hvg.hu)
18th May, 2023

Wild boars roam Salgotarjan streets

Wild boars inundated the streets of Salgotarjan in northern Hungary Tuesday evening, causing fear among local residents.

This is not the first time that wild boars appeared in the town (earlier they were sighted in pizzerias and in some streets) but the tabloid Blikk says it is a new feature that they appeared in various parts of the town.

Local residents fear for their children and pets, and walking the dog has become particularly dangerous because of the presence of wild boars. (hvg.hu; blikk.hu; naphire.hu; atv.hu; liner.hu)
18th May, 2023

Man jumps into Danube from bridge

A man jumped into the Danube from the Rakoczi bridge at around 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Budapest Police reported on Wednesday.

Water police immediately tried to lift him from the water but the man resisted those rushing to his help.

Police officers eventually managed to take him to the shore, from where paramedics took the man to hospital with a police escort. (police.hu; atv.hu)

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