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10th September, 2020

BKK to fine passengers without masks

The Budapest city council passed stringent Public Safety measures after a Capital Emergency Task Force meeting on Tuesday.

City Hall is increasing test capacities in social care institutions, homeless and nursing homes and ordering the mandatory wearing of masks at markets, cultural institutions run by City Hall, museums, libraries, archives, cinemas, theatres, the Capital Culture Centre and rooms at Budapest Zoo.

The Budapest city council also instructed BKK inspectors that they can fine passengers Ft 8,000 for not wearing face masks or for wearing them incorrectly, and exclude them from further travel.

Bus drivers can be fined Ft 100,000 for allowing passengers onto buses without a mask, from September 15, ATV Hirado learnt. During police checks drivers may be fined Ft 10-50,000 for not wearing masks. (atv.hu; infostart.hu; index.hu; hvg.hu; klubradio.hu; hirado.hu; 24.hu)
10th September, 2020

Hospital visits banned countrywide

National chief medical officer Cecilia Muller has ordered a blanket ban on hospital visits, the National Health Care Centre told state news agency MTI on Wednesday. The measure, in force since Tuesday, applies to state and private hospitals alike. (atv.hu; infostart.hu; 24.hu)
10th September, 2020

Number of active infections hits 5,100

Another 411 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection, increasing the number of infected people to 9,715. On Wednesday two elderly chronically ill patients died, putting the number of dead at 628.

Meanwhile 3,984 others have recovered, up 12 in the previous 24 hours.

The number of actively infected people is 5,103, 397 more than on Tuesday. (koronavirus.gov.hu; infostart.hu; index.hu; hvg.hu; klubradio.hu; origo.hu; nepszava.hu)
10th September, 2020

Suburban rail network expanding

The suburban rail network HEV will be upgraded, expanded and receive 54 “state of the art carriages” by 2025, PMO state secretary overseeing the development of Budapest and the capital’s agglomeration Balazs Furjes announced on Wednesday.

As part of the upgrade, the Csepel and Rackeve suburban railway networks will be extended underground to Kalvin ter, linking them with metro lines 3 and 4.

The underground railway stretch will run under Soroksari ut and HEV will no longer block off the National Theatre and Palace of Arts from the Danube. The long-term goal is to connect the northern and southern HEV lines with a tunnel under the Danube which will be metro line No. 5, he said. (magyarhirlap.hu)

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