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24th June, 2020

NAV initiates liquidation of Lime

The tax authority NAV has turned to a court demanding the liquidation of Lime Technology, the Hungarian subsidiary of the international electric roller chain, due to unpaid taxes, investigative website G7 reports.

Lime Technology said it is currently up to date with its tax liability in Hungary.

A similar story developed last year when the NAV initiated the liquidation of Lime in November.

This request was cancelled on December 16, probably because the company had paid the taxes due, G7 adds.

As the pandemic spread, Lime collected all of its rollers from the streets in the middle of March, but decided to reopen on May 1.

It has not resumed its services in the Fifth and Sixth Districts because the company did not want to pay the public area usage tax newly levied by these districts, as Lime simply leaves its unused rollers on the streets.

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