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17th June, 2020

Congestion at Hungarian-Romanian border

About 43,800 people crossed the Hungarian-Romanian border at the 11 crossings in 18,300 vehicles on Monday, most of them entering Romania.

Seven lanes at the Nagylak and ten lanes at Csanádpalota motorway crossing were open, nevertheless, congestion developed.

This is believed to be caused by Romanian citizens wishing to return home from Western European countries after Romanian authorities abolished the 14-day quarantine obligation.

As measures ease, 17 EU member states are now classified in the low-infection category, including Hungary, Austria and Germany.

At the same time, people are also returning from countries that are not yet considered low-infected. Hence 7,849 people are ordered to stay in a quarantine.

The current border traffic is at a normal summer level, but the crossing takes longer due to health screening.

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