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16th June, 2020

Film industry returning to normal

As the restrictive measures ease, the Hungarian film industry may soon return to full capacity, according to film industry commissioner Csaba Káel.

Work on several productions was stalled during the coronavirus emergency. Káel said ongoing productions were rescheduled back in March, so no filming was cancelled.

Shooting of ten state-funded films has been postponed, 16 films are in the post-production phase, and their completion and screening are planned for this year and early 2021.

The volume of direct Hungarian film production expenditures has exceeded Ft 100 billion every year since 2016, of which a significant part is foreign wage labour. The Hungarian film industry employs about 20,000 people.

The extent of loss caused by the epidemic depends primarily on when productions will resume, Káel added.

Recent and ongoing productions in Hungary include the ShowTime series “Halo” and the Netflix series “Terra Vision”, as well as feature films Dune, Nightingale and Birds of Paradise.

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