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16th June, 2020

Karácsony opposes fireworks near Chain Bridge

The city opposes and does not want fireworks on and around the Chain Bridge on August 20, mayor Gergely Karácsony declared on Monday.

Writing on his Facebook page, he said “we strongly oppose any pyrotechnic devices on or near the bridge. We will also make this clear to the organisers and we are adamant about preventing this. Moreover, what the government saves on this should go towards the renovation of the Chain Bridge”.

An engineer’s report makes it clear that the August 20 fireworks have contributed significantly to deterioration of the Chain Bridge, and caused rusting, he said.

The government is considering plans to stage a four-day extravaganza around August 20 as the holiday falls on a Thursday this year.

Karácsony wrote that the government plans to occupy “half of the city” for its own purposes, from Alkotmány utca to Vörösmarty tér, including the bridge, during August 15-20.

He said no-one who values the bridge would organise fireworks on or near it before its renovation.

The mayor added that the government wants to spend Ft 6.5 billion for a parade on August 20, excluding the cost of fireworks, and Ft 6 billion to renovate the Chain Bridge.

“According to the government, a few days of shimmer and sparkle are more important than Budapest and the 171-year-old symbol of the country,” the mayor said.

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