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11th June, 2020

Domestic tourism revives in May

Some 134,000 domestic guests spent 433,000 nights at commercial accommodation in May, state tourism agency MTÜ announced yesterday.

Figures not reported by the MTÜ show that there were 596,000 domestic tourists in May of last year, who spent a total of 1.2 million nights.

Due to the restrictions on international travel imposed during the epidemic, domestic guests represented 94% of all visitors last month, accounting for 82% of all guest nights.

About two-thirds, or 278,000 guest nights were realised after restrictions were eased from May 18, a clear sign of revival, the MTÜ underlined.

In Budapest hotels the number of guests was only 11,000, down by 97%. The number of guest nights plummeted by 90%.

The ten most popular cities to stay in were Budapest, Debrecen, Gyöngyös, Győr, Balatonfüred, Várgesztes, Székesfehérvár, Szeged, Siófok and Eger.

In the first five months, 2 million guests spent 5.5 million guest nights in Hungary, declines of 60% and 42%, respectively.

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