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20th May, 2020

Gov’t building arena in Székesfehérvár

The government will finance the construction of a new sports venue in Székesfehérvár, according to the Monday issue of official gazette Magyar Közlöny.

Construction of the multi-functional, 6,000-seat Alba Aréna is incorporated in the Economy Protection Plan.

The stadium will host the town’s ice hockey team.

The plan to erect the arena is not new, as even the main contractor, namely the construction company owned by István Garancsi, was named at a tender in the autumn of 2018. However, the government cancelled the Ft 25 billion project in early 2019 by saying that it was too expensive.

According to 444, the reason might have been that the town’s Fidesz mayor András Cser-Palkovics developed tensions with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Cser-Palkovics said at the time that construction would begin “when it can be guaranteed that the construction industry will be able to carry out the project amid fair competition, to an appropriate standard and at affordable prices”.

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