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18th May, 2020

Lockdown eased in Budapest from today

The lockdown ended in Budapest at midnight Sunday, but physical distancing of one and a half metres is to be kept, and masks will have to be worn when shopping and on public transport, Prime Minister’s Office leader Gergely Gulyás announced at a special briefing on Saturday.

Public areas, parks and shops can open from Monday. Restaurants, cafés and bars may be open if they have a garden or terrace. Customers may not consume food or drink inside the premises.

Outdoor baths, open-air museums, playgrounds and zoos may reopen, however, the operators of the facilities must ensure that social distancing is maintained everywhere.

Restrictions on store opening hours will be lifted, but the rule remains in effect whereby only those people over the age of 65 can shop in grocery stores and drugstores between 9 a.m. and noon. District councils may decide on the opening hours and regulations of farmers’ markets.

Civil weddings and funerals can be held in Budapest from June 15, with up to 200 guests.

Outside Budapest, hotels can reopen, while maintaining social distance regulations.

Customers of restaurants, cafés, confectioneries and buffets will be permitted to eat the ordered food or drink inside the venue. However, the condition for this is that staff are obliged to wear a device to cover the mouth and nose, and the protective distance must be maintained.

Restaurants will not be required to pay a public space fee for patios until September.

It remains mandatory across Hungary to wear masks in shops and on public transport.

Universities may be open provided that physical distancing is observed, but the rector has the ultimate right to decide. Visiting student residences is still prohibited.

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