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12th May, 2020

7% of Hungarians have lost their job

Some 7% of Hungarians lost their jobs in the past month, economic researcher Tárki found in a survey.

Overall, 6% of men and 8% of women said they had been dismissed.

By location, 6% of Budapest residents lost their employment, 8% of those in other towns and cities and 7% in villages.

The loss rates were 7% among persons with basic education, 9% of those with medium level education, and 5% of those with higher education.

On another question, 18% of respondents reported a serious decrease in their income as a result of restrictions imposed to combat the epidemic.

This was true of 22% of Budapest residents, 20% of those in other cities and towns and 13% of village dwellers.

Among men, 19% reported a substantial drop in their income, as did 17% of women.

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