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23rd March, 2020

Number of Covid-19 deaths reaches six

The number of dead from the coronavirus infection rose from one on Friday to six on the weekend, it was announced on Sunday.

There are 131 people infected with the coronavirus in Hungary, according to data made public on Sunday. Another 16 people have recovered, six have died, 115 are in quarantine and 4,443 samples have been conducted.

Head doctor János Szlávik of the St. László hospital told an online press conference on Sunday that 49 coronavirus patients are being treated at the institution, of whom seven rely on intensive care.

Speaking of the deceased people, he said high age is a risk factor and the dead had suffered other illnesses.

In general, he said, nearly half of the patients treated at the hospital have mild symptoms, and about 20% of the patients develop severe symptoms, who are then transferred to the intensive ward and put on respirators.

He repeatedly drew attention to the fact that elderly people are most at risk and he recommended that they stay at home.

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