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21st November, 2019

MAV-Start to spend Ft 100bn

State-owned passenger railway company MAV-Start has been authorised to purchase 21 multiple units for commuter trains for a target price of Ft 106.6 billion, according to a government decree published in the official gazette Magyar Kozlony.

MAV-Start will invite offers for the supply of the units.

The government intends to finance the purchase from EU funds to be transferred to Hungary in the 2021-27 budget period.

MAV-Start will receive Ft 55.8 billion in such funding in 2021 and Ft 50.8 billion in 2022.

The trains will have to be delivered by 2022. (napi.hu; portfolio.hu; hvg.hu)
21st November, 2019

Volan orders Kravtex buses

Hungarian bus maker Kravtex has won the tender for supplying 239 buses to the Volan group, with a Ft 14.8 billion bid, the state inter-city bus company announced on the EU public procurement website.

Fleet manager Volan Buszpark also has an option to purchase an additional 23 buses on the same conditions.

Volan has ordered 178 low-floor city buses with an option to purchase an additional 17. Kravtex will supply the vehicles for Ft 11.1 billion.

The state coach company will also buy 61 conventional inter-city buses with an option on an additional six. Kravtex will deliver these for Ft 3.7 billion.

Competitors MAN Kamion es Busz and Volvo Hungaria also filed bids in the tender. (napi.hu)
21st November, 2019

Drivers association takes car insurers to court

The Hungarian Car Club (MAK) is suing car insurance companies over their bonus and penalty system, the association announced on Wednesday.

No legal regulations govern the bonus and penalty system developed by insurers, leaving too much at their discretion, the MAK argues.

In addition, the MAK says, the new compulsory car insurance fee structure is not transparent and penalties for accidents have increased drastically in some cases.

The association also complains that some conditions change too frequently. (napi.hu; hvg.hu; index.hu; 444.hu)
21st November, 2019

Lidl celebrates 15th anniversary

Lidl Magyarorszag is marking the 15th anniversary of its operations in Hungary, the German-owned discount retail chain announced.

Lidl entered Hungary with a logistics centre and 12 shops in 2004. It now has three centres and 182 outlets and employs more than 6,000 workers.

Post-tax profit for its fiscal year ending on January 28, 2019 came to Ft 26.5 billion, up by almost 55% from one year earlier.

Revenues were more than 31% higher at Ft 445.1 billion. Gross revenue reached Ft 549 billion, of which 52% was realised on products delivered by domestic suppliers. (napi.hu)
21st November, 2019

Digi opens first 5G base station

Digi opened its first 5G base station in Budapest on November 18, the cable TV and telecoms company announced.

CEO Dragos Spataru said this is a remarkable achievement, as Digi entered Hungary’s mobile-phone service market only six months ago.

The base station uses technology provided by Ericsson, communicating in the 3,400MHz band.

Digi will test this technology at different locations in the coming months and based on experience will develop a strategy for launching base stations.

Digi started building its 5G network in Romania in June. (portfolio.hu; napi.hu; index.hu)
21st November, 2019

GVH fines HelloPay over default tips

GVH has fined HelloPay Ft 20 million because the digital payment provider automatically charged a 10% default tip on all payments made by consumers at events and festivals serviced by HelloPay, the competition authority GVH announced on Wednesday.

The GVH concluded that the default tip placed unacceptable psychological pressure on consumers.

It added that a default tip limits free consumer decisions, especially at festivals, where there are long queues and lots of noise. (index.hu; napi.hu; portfolio.hu; hvg.hu; nepszava.hu)

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