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7th November, 2019

Japanese auto parts plant promised

An agreement has been signed under which a Japanese car parts manufacturer will build a factory in North-East Hungary, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto said yesterday in Tokyo.

He did not name the company, but said it will create 300 jobs by investing Ft 13 billion.

Details will be announced in the coming weeks, he added.

Szijjarto met Japanese Agriculture Forestry and Fishery Minister Etoh Taku to discuss the African swine flu situation in Hungary.

He also met Education Culture Sports Science and Technology Minister Hagiuda Koichi. (magyarnemzet.hu)
7th November, 2019

Rosatom leader meets Suli

The application to build two new reactors at the state nuclear power plant in Paks will be filed with the Hungarian nuclear authority by June 30, 2020, CEO Alexey Likhachev of the main contractor Rosatom said yesterday.

Likhachev met Janos Suli, head of the expansion project, in Paks.

He said technical plans were provided in September ahead of the October 2 deadline.

After meeting with Suli, Likhachev said he was satisfied with the co-operation but still sees opportunities for improvement.

Rosatom will strengthen its engineering team in Hungary soon.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said everything is going according to plan after Rosatom reported to him on the project, but he added that there is no time to waste, Likhachev said. (vg.hu; napi.hu; magyarhirlap.hu; portfolio.hu; origo.hu; magyarnemzet.hu)
7th November, 2019

MTelekom educating pensioners

Magyar Telekom is launching digital competence courses for pensioners, the company announced on Wednesday.

The teachers will be students providing the service voluntarily.

The project, first tested in Budapest in the spring, is expanding from Wednesday to also include schools in Debrecen, Gyor, Kazincbarcika, Kecskemet, Miskolc, Ozd, Pecs, Sarvar, Szeged, Szombathely, Varpalota and Veszprem.

About 1,000 elderly persons will be trained each month, said spokesman Istvan Kutas.

The project also helps students looking for ways to fulfil compulsory high school volunteer work obligations. (napi.hu)
7th November, 2019

Takarekbank hit by online banking problems

Takarekbank’s online banking services collapsed yesterday following work to integrate the systems of 13 banks that were merged into the group.

The bank advised clients with non-urgent needs to carry out the task later or visit one of the Takarekbank branches, where the system was still working.

Experts employed by the bank said too many clients wanted to use online services after the long break in the services, thereby overloading the system.

Index readers said they were also unable to use their bank cards issued by Takarekbank. As a result, some of them could not access their salary for days.

Takarekbank branches were closed on Monday and Tuesday while the IT infrastructure was updated.

Takarekbank announced yesterday that the IT integration of the 13 banks was successful, but that there were problems in accessing online banking services because of heavy demand.

CEO Jozsef Vida pointed out that the merger creates the fifth largest bank in Hungary. (index.hu; napi.hu; portfolio.hu; hvg.hu; nepszava.hu)
7th November, 2019

MKB offers elite Mastercard product

MKB will be the first bank in Hungary to issue Mastercard World Elite bankcards, the bank announced at a Wednesday press conference.

The new card targets premium bank clients, and is especially useful for premium clients travelling abroad, as it offers access to VIP lounges at airports.

MKB has also set up a dedicated customer service for World Elite clients. (portfolio.hu)

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