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15th August, 2019

Sexist CBA ads removed

Food retailer CBA has withdrawn a TV commercial found tasteless and sexist by many, following an intervention by the Hungarian Advertising Association.

The ad consists of young women in red bikinis dancing, stripping and simulating oral sex in a supermarket while the face of the company, Icuka, sings.

The Egyenlito Foundation was the first to raise its voice against the ad, stating that it is unnecessarily erotic and depicts women in an offensive way.

The Advertising Association later also condemned the video, saying it is socially harmful, excessive in terms of brand and product promotion, unnecessary and professionally unjustified to use such sexuality or to present women and gender in this way.

Professional organisations have pressed charges against CBA, referring to the code of advertising ethics. (index.hu, hvg.hu, 24.hu; media1.hu; origo.hu)
15th August, 2019

Police chief resigns following scandal

A sound recording has been made public in which the chief of police in Karcag, Zoltan Teleki, tells officers not to punish doctors because then they would not get check-ups and visits without having to wait their turn.

The recording in which the chief reminds his police officers of the possibilities of special treatment was first sent to Index. The recording was broadcast by RTL Klub a few days later.

A police officer had issued a fine to the head of the local Katai Gabor Hospital for parking in a spot reserved for the handicapped.

“Find out who the car belongs to first,” rather than risk losing medical favours, Teleki said in the recording.

Teleki resigned, effective August 15. His resignation was accepted by the Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county police chief. (hvg.hu, 168ora.hu, 444.hu, index.hu, 24.hu)

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