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4th October, 2018

Nightclub owner Vizoviczki gets seven years for tax evasion

The Capital Court of Appeals on Wednesday sentenced former nightlife mogul Laszlo Vizoviczki to seven years in penitentiary for budget fraud committed in a criminal organisation and for other crimes.

The court also ordered that Ft 330 million worth of assets be seized from Vizoviczki.

The gist of the indictment is that downtown nightclubs controlled by Vizoviczki concealed revenues in order to avoid paying about Ft 1 billion in taxes in 2010-12.

The chief method used was that cashiers did not enter transactions into cash registers.

The appeals court sentence is somewhat lighter that that issued by the Capital Court, which in the spring of 2017 also sentenced Vizoviczki to seven years in prison but ordered the confiscation of Ft 600 million worth of properties.

Others among the 33 defendants were given shorter prison terms and some were acquitted by the appeals court.

Wednesday’s rulings are not open to appeal. (index.hu; hvg.hu; atv.hu; inforadio.hu; 444.hu; origo.hu)
4th October, 2018

Man sentenced for brandishing knife at train conductor

A Satoraljaujhely court on Wednesday sentenced a man to seven and half years in penitentiary for threatening a train conductor with a knife.

A court spokeswoman said the man was under the influence of medication when he boarded a train from Satoraljaujhely to Szerencs without a ticket. When the conductor asked for his ticket, he drew a knife, and shouted that he was going to kill everybody.

The conductor herded the other passengers to another carriage.

Police were waiting to handcuff the defendant at Szerencs station and detained him.

The court ruled that the culprit, who has a multiple police record, may not be released on parole. The verdict is open to appeal. (index.hu; 24.hu; zoom.hu)

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