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14th June, 2018

Storm wreaks havoc nationwide

Many buildings and cars were damaged while thousands of household suffered electricity outages in a storm that swept across Hungary on Wednesday night, M1 news reported.

A dozen buildings were damaged in Devecser in the wake of the storm. Hailstones the size of eggs fell from the sky, completely covering the streets and causing vast damage. Disaster control staff worked all morning to limit the damage.

An electric pole broke into two at Pecs after a ten metre high tree fell on it. Mud and slime covered Gutorfold in Zala county.

In Szabolcs county ice tore down roofs, smashing windows in houses, and cars and, destroying crops and trees. (hirado.hu; nyugat.hu; origo.hu; atv.hu; zoom.hu; magyarhirlap.hu)
14th June, 2018

Warehouse fire in Budapest

Fire broke out at a 3,000sqm equipment warehouse on Frangepan utca, Budapest’s 13th District, on Wednesday.

More than 50 professional fire-fighters as well as volunteer fire-fighters managed to encircle the fire with eleven jets of water and two water cannons fitted onto two elevators, preventing it from spreading any further, a Disaster Control spokesman in Budapest told Inforadio.

The fire may have broken out around 9.30 a.m. and local residents were evacuated 15 minutes later. The fire had been extinguished by Wednesday afternoon and police launched proceedings against an unidentified perpetrator (ma.hu; index.hu; nepszava.hu; origo.hu; atv.hu; hvg.hu)
14th June, 2018

New location for Romai flood dam

City Hall approved a new location for the Romai Part flood dam to be built in Budapest’s Third District at its meeting on Wednesday.

The planned location will be set back a few metres from the Danube shore.

Environmentalists and local NGOs have campaigned for a dam on Nanasi ut, where a small dam already exists and which is 50-100 metres away from the river.

Environmentalist group Fak a Romain said the planned dam will also destroy the riverside but noted that the process of purchasing private properties will prolong the whole project. Mayor Istvan Tarlos knows that this new plan is not feasible but wants to avoid a genuine decision until after the local elections next year, Fak a Romain commented. (hvg.hu; index.hu; 444.hu; magyaridok.hu)

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