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20th June, 2019

Flash floods strike countryside

Heavy rains struck parts of Hungary, flooding streets and cellars and raising the water level on the shores of Lake Balaton.

Police blocked route 7 at Fonyod on the lake due to the heavy rains. Fonyod train station and the Balaton shore were under water, Sonline writes.

The Fonyod tunnel was also flooded, forcing pedestrians to walk knee-deep in the water to pass.

Nagyvisnyo in Heves county was struck by a flash flood due to the sudden heavy rains yesterday afternoon. The water was flowing on the streets, flooding houses, Heves country disaster management officials said.

Volunteer fire-fighters arrived on the scene, pumping water out from houses, cellars and garages. (index.hu; infostart.hu; sonline.hu)
20th June, 2019

Festival visitors must show ID

All those wishing to attend large festivals in Hungary will have to show identification, according to a bill filed by Fidesz MPs Gergely Gulyas and Mate Kocsis and Christian Democrat Lorinc Nacsa.

The law will apply to festivals and events with more than 25,000 tickets sold, in order to fight terrorism, the bill says.

All visitors will have to give their name, citizenship, birthdate, gender, and a photograph, and will have to specify the country of issue of their identifying documents.

Personal data will be stored for 90 days and must be given to authorities on request.

Hungary’s largest festival organiser, Sziget, welcomed the bill, saying it confirms its earlier practice.

Earlier, privacy protection authority NAIH has fined Sziget Ft 30 million, because festival visitors complained that the company was scanning their personal ID. (napi.hu; hvg.hu)

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