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26th July, 2018

Legendary sports reporter dies at 96

Sports reporter Gyorgy Szepesi, one of the greatest figures in the history of Hungarian Radio, died on Wednesday at the age of 96, Nemzeti Sport learned from his family.

Szepesi reported to Hungarian listeners on the Olympics from London in 1948 to the 2012 games held in the same city, and gave live broadcasts of all football World Cups from 1954 to 2010, as well as Hungary’s legendary 6-3 victory over England at Wembley Stadium in 1953.

He was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest active sports reporter.

Szepesi was born in 1922 in Budapest under the name Gyorgy Friedlander. His father died at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Szepesi first received a job as a reporter in 1945, later becoming head of the entertainment and sports section of Magyar Radio in 1981-92, president of the Hungarian Football Association in 1979-86 and a member of the FIFA executive committee in 1982-94.

Szepesi was an agent of the communist-era secret services in the 1950s and 1960s.

Under the alias “Galambos” he was an informer for the Political Investigation Section of the Interior Ministry, specialising in spying on internal reactionary forces.

At the confrontation with revolutionaries outside Magyar Radio in 1956, Szepesi stood on the balcony above the main entrance to the building, trying in vain to calm the crowd and persuade them to go home. The crowd threw stones at him, prompting Szepesi to take shelter in the building.

His funeral will be arranged by the Sports Journalists Federation, the Football Association and Budapest city council. (index.hu; nemzetisport.hu; magyarhirlap.hu; hvg.hu; hirado.hu; origo.hu)
26th July, 2018

Men’s sabre team wins bronze

The Hungarian men’s sabre team won the bronze medal at the world fencing championships in Vuhsi, China on Wednesday.

The team of Arond Szilagyi, Andras Szatmari, Csanad Gemesi and Tamas Decsi lost 45-42 to Italy, whom they beat last month in the final of the European championships.

This was the first medal for the Hungarian team at this year’s world championships. (atv.hu; 24.hu; origo.hu; 444.hu; index.hu)
26th July, 2018

Women lose water polo title

The Dutch women’s national team defeated Hungary 8-7 in a semi-final game at the European Water Polo Championships in Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon.

The win constitutes revenge for the Dutch following their loss to Hungary in the 2016 final. (hirtv.hu; index.hu; hvg.hu; TV)
26th July, 2018

New film invited to Venice festival

Napszallta (“Sunset”) the second feature film from Oscar-winning director Laszlo Nemes of Son of Saul fame, has been invited to the official competition of the Venice Film Festival, it was announced on Wednesday.

The last Hungarian production to receive such an invitation was Ildiko Enyedi’s Buvos vadasz (“Magic Hunter”) in 1994.

This year’s festival starts on August 29. The movie will also be shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

The film is due to be released in Hungary on September 27.

Another Hungarian production will have its world premiere in the Venice festival’s Biennale College Cinema section.

That production, Deva, is a debut feature film by director Petra Szocs.

The story centres on an Albino girl who lives in an orphanage and becomes friendly with a new volunteer, but can only express her friendship by betraying somebody else.

The film develops a magic and surrealistic dimension of a child’s way of seeing things, HVG writes. (444.hu; hvg.hu; origo.hu

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