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15th November, 2018

Cameras to be installed on two Budapest thoroughfares

Traffic safety cameras will be installed on Szentendrei ut in Buda and Vaci ut in Pest, the city council decided unanimously on Wednesday.

According to a report presented to council, numerous accidents causing death or serious injury have occurred on the two wide thoroughfares, presumably in illegal speed races.

Construction of the three checkpoints where the cameras are to be installed will cost Ft 400 million. The two district councils affected have pledged to contribute 25% of the costs, a further 25% will come from Budapest city council on condition that the remaining 50% will be financed from the central budget. (hvg.hu; 444.hu; hirado.hu; blikk.hu)
15th November, 2018

Acquitted homeless man on trial again

Istvan Gyulai, a 60-year-old man from Pecs who went on trial three weeks ago for being homeless but was acquitted, will go on trial again on Thursday, the website Szabad Pecs reported on Wednesday.

The man could be convicted in another misdemeanour case.

Pecs-based lawyer Mihaly Gabor Kiss who defends Gyulai for free, said his client is charged with two misdemeanours. (atv.hu; 24.hu; nlcafe.hu)

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