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10th October, 2019

Gas explosion destroys homes

A gas blast in an apartment building in Szekszard, southern Hungary on Wednesday damaged up to 30 flats, Nepszava reports.

Disaster Control officials said several flats were damaged beyond repair.

More than 20 fire-fighters took part in the rescue operation, as more than 100 residents had to evacuate their homes.

Paramedics took two men to hospital with severe injuries, and three women with light injuries.

Mayor Rezso Acs said 10-30 homes were affected and that residents will be accommodated by the local council.

Ten vacant council flats, dormitory places, and institutions affiliated with the social affairs directorate general are available, he said. (nepszava.hu; 24.hu; propeller.hu; infostart.hu; 444.hu; azuzlet.hu)
10th October, 2019

Man denied entry due to skin colour

A man from Congo was denied entry to the 4Bro Downtown bar in the Gozsdu Udvar on October 5 because of the colour of his skin.

Reports say a black man physically assaulted another man in the bar on the previous night, therefore blacks were not allowed to enter.

Three staff members said that when they started work that evening, they received instructions from the management that black people must not be allowed to enter.

Approached by Index, the bar owners said they were appalled by the incident, as the bar is open to all nationalities, adding “4Bro Downtown is one of the biggest, most diverse hangouts for the Budapest party community”.

Management considered the case an error and apologised for it.

The man denied entry is Divin Ngamba from Congo, a university student who also helps to organise African-themed parties and dance lessons.

Ngamba was also in the nightclub on Friday night and witnessed the fight to which the staff referred the following day.

He said he had called security guards when the fight broke out between a Hungarian teenager and a Nigerian man.

Ngamba stressed that he had not been assaulted physically either on Friday or Saturday by the security guards but they did not let him enter on Saturday. (index.hu; 24.hu; hvg.hu; nepszava.hu)

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