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20th September, 2018

National Theatre open day Saturday

The National Theatre will be open to the public on Saturday on its sixth Open Day.

The theatre will put on a large number of free programmes from 2-10 p.m. As capacity is limited, it is necessary to register on the theatre’s website.

All performances of the theatre will be available at a 30% discount and seasonal passes will also be available at the same discount on Saturday. (origo.hu; delmagyarorszag.hu)
20th September, 2018

Body found of tourist who jumped off bridge

A tourist who jumped off the Chain Bridge two weeks ago, has died, the tabloid Blikk reports.

Budapest Police told the daily that the body of the young man was found a few days after the jump.

Blikk also reported on the basis of an eyewitness account that it is unlikely that a suicide had been committed. The tourist had arrived with friends in Budapest and they a took video of him as he climbed up the bridge. (index.hu)

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