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14th June, 2018

Szajer to rewrite Constitution

Fidesz MEP Jozsef Szajer will help with constitutional amendments on the orders of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, sources told ATV on Wednesday. Szajer famously wrote the 2011 Constitution on a tablet.

Orban said he wants to see national identity strengthened in the amendments as a buffer against decisions “against Hungary” delivered by the European Court of Justice.

Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi will oversee the co-ordination of the constitutional revision, Orban announced on Tuesday. The amendments are expected to take 12-18 months.

Orban also announced that a team of recognised constitutional lawyers will be assembled to implement the constitutional revision. Szajer was a member of a six-member team that reviewed Hungary’s constitution in 2010 at Orban’s request. (atv.hu)
14th June, 2018

City Hall votes on revamp projects

Budapest city council on Wednesday voted to upgrade the Castle Tunnel, Chain Bridge and Clark Adam square in one project instead of two as planned earlier. This could substantially cut the length of the project that was originally scheduled to end in 2024.

However, Nepszava writes that money is needed to speed up the project. City Hall only has about Ft 16.4 billion for the original first phase, while the overall cost will exceed Ft 20 billion.

City council therefore authorised mayor Istvan Tarlos to seek cabinet support.

If the prime minister approves the subsidy - as he did for the renovation of the State Opera House - then City Hall could start upgrading the tunnel and the square in 2019 and complete the project by 2022. (nepszava.hu; vs.hu; hvg.hu; nepszava.hu; magyaridok.hu; napi.hu; zoom.hu)
14th June, 2018

More funding for secret services

The 2019 draft budget lists nearly Ft 11 billion for the Office for the Defence of the Constitution, almost Ft 2 billion more than this year.

The National Security Specialised Service will have Ft 21.5 billion at its disposal, while the Military National Security Service will have more than Ft 20 billion, Ft 5 billion more than in 2018. (hirtv.hu)
14th June, 2018

Gov’t admin kiosks at railway stations

A “government window” for regular bureaucratic procedures opened at Keleti train station on Wednesday, PMO state secretary Bence Tuzson announced.

Tuzson said the network of kiosks can boost the government’s family policy, “as through efficient administration, people can spend more time with their family”.

Chairwoman and CEO Ilona David of state railway company MAV said similar units have opened at train stations in Cegled, Fuzesabony, Kaposvar, Keszthely, Nyiregyhaza, Miskolc, Pecs and Vac as well as Budapest Nyugati, and others will open in the near future in Bekescsaba, Gyor and Szekesfehervar.

Peter Domokos, head of the Budapest government office, said there are now 30 state administration kiosks in the capital. (hirado.hu gondola.hu; magyarhirlap.hu; index.hu; ado.hu; csalad.hu; propeller.hu)
14th June, 2018

Ex-president backs beleaguered weekly

Former president Laszlo Solyom expressed support for the weekly Heti Valasz, now in a difficult position, in a statement on Wednesday.

“Heti Valasz kept the right balance,” Solyom wrote. “Its authors wrote what they thought, did not follow orders or meet expectations . . . There was no fomenting of fear or hate mongering on its pages. It showed that commitment does not go hand in hand with isolation, and did not prejudge those who thought in a different way.

“The weekly regularly carried interviews with entrepreneurs who made it through their own efforts, rather than on state or local council orders.” If the weekly folded for good, “a very broad section of society would be bereft,” he wrote.

The weekly is now available only in digital form. (24.hu; pestibulvar.hu; index.hu; valasz.hu; hvg.hu; origo.hu)

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