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9th May, 2019

Orban: immigration too high a price for unity

Prime Minister Viktor Orban called migration the number one issue for every European country at the upcoming EU elections.

Speaking at a lecture at the Sapientia Transylvanian Hungarian University in Cluj-Napoca on Wednesday, Orban said that European political mentality has broken into two branches concerning immigration. While the West is thinking of “how to live together”, Central Europeans are concerned with what is to be done to prevent having to live together, he said.

Orban said western powers want to make the differences between people disappear, and for Central European countries “to allow large numbers of immigrants in” to restore European unity. However, he said, “We believe that we must not pay this price for European unity.” (infostart.hu; atv.hu; magyarnemzet.hu; magyarhirlap.hu; hirado.hu; origo.hu)
9th May, 2019

Hungary tries to expel Afghan families

The European Court of Human Rights intervened after Hungary tried to expel three Afghan families on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

The expulsion of one of the families – a woman and her four children – was impeded by the European Court with a temporary ruling.

The woman said in a video message that she had arrived legally in Hungary but had been confined to a camp, and was now being told that she and her family must return to Serbia or Afghanistan.

“Serbia did not admit us; how could we go back there?” she asked in the video. The woman’s 17-year-old son underwent heart surgery two months ago.

A 35-year-old pregnant mother from the second family fainted and was hospitalised during the expulsion attempt. Her husband and their three children were allowed to stay in the transit zone established on the border with Serbia.

The third family decided to leave Hungary through Serbia, but will not return to Afghanistan. Their expulsion was witnessed by staff members of the UN High Commissioner’s Office for Refugees and journalists. (hvg.hu; 444.hu; 24.hu)
9th May, 2019

Constitutional Court annuls Kuria ruling

The Constitutional Court has annulled a ruling handed down by the Kuria a few weeks ago which affects election procedures, declaring the decision unconstitutional.

The Kuria earlier ruled against Fidesz for its signature collecting practices after the party collected data for its own use while collecting signatures ostensibly for nominations for the EU elections.

The annulment decision, however, states that Fidesz lawfully collected the data, and that the law on election procedure does not prohibit parties from collecting signatures for purposes other than for fielding candidates during an election campaign.

Fidesz earlier turned to the Constitutional Court against the Kuria ruling, complaining that the supreme court had ruled without allowing the party to make a statement, and that the ruling did not take into account that nominating organisations are entitled to freedom of expression. (index.hu; atv.hu; 24.hu; magyarhirlap.hu; nepszava.hu; magyarhang.org)
9th May, 2019

Legal council initiates Hando’s removal

The National Judicial Council (OBT) is initiating the dismissal of Tunde Hando, the head of the National Judicial Office.

In a resolution passed on Wednesday at its meeting, the OBT stated that over the past year it had alerted Hando’s office of eight separate law violations, but that no substantive steps have been taken in any of the cases.

The OBT will send its report to Parliament’s judicial committee where Hando and the president of the OBT will be able to testify. Parliament will then have to vote on the committee’s report, which will require a two-thirds majority to dismiss Hando.

As Nepszava observes, such a dismissal appears unlikely with Fidesz’s two-thirds majority in parliament. (nepszava.hu; index.hu)
9th May, 2019

Ministry plans to launch periodical

The Human Resources Ministry plans to launch a fortnightly periodical called Orszagut (Highway), focusing on culture and public affairs, a government proposal obtained by HVG shows.

The periodical would be subordinated to the Petofi Literary Museum and would operate on public funds at an annual cost of Ft 300 million.

The retail price of each 48-page issue would be Ft 490, and it will have a circulation of 8,000.

Nepszava observes that the launch of the periodical comes at a time when hospitals operating under the ministry are riddled with debt, paediatric practices are regularly going under, and underpaid nurses are leaving the profession en masse. (nepszava.hu; hvg.hu; hirklikk.hu; 24.hu; index.hu; atv.hu)
9th May, 2019

Proceedings terminated against Czegledy

A Szeged court will terminate criminal proceedings against Democratic Coalition MEP candidate Csaba Czegledy after the National Election Committee (NVB) on Tuesday neglected to suspend his right to immunity, Magyar Nemzet reports.

Spokesman for the Csongrad county prosecutor general’s office Ferenc Szanka told the daily that under the law on criminal proceedings, the Szeged court must terminate the case against Czegledy, who was indicted for Ft 6.3 billion in budget fraud and other crimes.

As a result of the decision, on-going criminal proceedings against Czegledy cannot continue until the final results of the European elections enter into force. The prosecution must then charge Czegledy again. (hirtv.hu; nyugat.hu)
9th May, 2019

Momentum files complaint against Szijjarto

Momentum will file a complaint against Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto for holding an election forum in a government office building in Szeged, the website szeged.hu reported on Wednesday.

Momentum local chapter president Edvin Mihalik said in a video that his party believes Szijjarto, who had been invited to Szeged to discuss what is at stake in the EU elections, violated legal regulations prohibiting election forums from being held in public institutions where state and local council authorities are located.

Momentum will lodge its complaint at the Regional Election Office. (index.hu; atv.hu; hvg.hu; merce.hu; 24.hu)
9th May, 2019

Mi Hazank prepares for “demonstration of strength”

Mi Hazank president Laszlo Toroczkai told reporters Wednesday that his radical right-wing party will hold a “demonstration of strength” in the Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county village of Torokszentmiklos.

The demonstration will be held jointly with the Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP), the Smallholders and the Betyarsereg, under the slogan “Enough of Gypsy Terror”.

“Wild East conditions” prevail in the town despite the mayor coming from Jobbik, Toroczkai said. As a remedy, Mi Hazank proposes the introduction of “Siberian convict leasing”.

The demonstration, which could be viewed as a campaign event, will be held on May 21, shortly before the European Parliament elections, Nepszava observes. (nepszava.hu; mnarancs.hu; index.hu; 444.hu)
9th May, 2019

Vona: Orban cannot be unseated

Viktor Orban has built up a complete system which cannot be overthrown from within, but must be removed by an external force, former Jobbik president Gabor Vona told a discussion with journalists on Wednesday.

Vona, who resigned after the 2018 parliamentary elections and retired from politics, said Orban’s departure will in all likelihood sweep away the current opposition figures.

He said he does not plan to stage a comeback to party politics, but has launched a vlog and Youtube channel, hosts political workshops, and holds public talks about artificial intelligence. (index.hu)

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