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6th March, 2020

Vodafone introduces paternity leave

Vodafone will provide 16 weeks paid leave for partners of mothers starting their maternity leave, the telecoms company announced on Thursday as International Women’s Day approaches.

It is important, in part from the equal opportunities point of view, that both parents take part in raising their children, the company said.

Mothers on maternity leave will receive a top-up of state funding to 100% of their salary for the first 16 weeks of maternity leave, the company highlighted.

The benefit is also available to adoptive parents.

Vodafone Magyarország chairwoman and CEO Amanda Nelson said: “As a mother with four children, and as a corporate executive, I know how much depends on having a job that is supportive of starting a family and does not expect people to compromise on their professional and private lives. At Vodafone, we believe that everyone has the same opportunities.”

The new benefits will be available to Vodafone employees from the summer.

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