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4th March, 2020

Ft 26mn stolen from safe in Budapest hotel

A hotel maid is suspected in the disappearance of Ft 25.6 million from a Budapest hotel room rented by Kuwaiti watch and jewellery dealer Ahmad Farah, Blikk reports.

The incident happened last year when Farah, a regular visitor to Budapest, arrived on a business trip with hundreds of millions of forints worth of valuables.

He deposited €200,000 and $50,000 in cash, along with highly valued watches and jewels and 12 bank cards in the numerical combination safe.

On the evening of May 1, he went for dinner with an acquaintance, and when he returned to the hotel, he did not notice anything unusual and the safe was locked.

Farah said he later discovered that €71,500 and $4,900 (Ft 25.6 million) had disappeared.

He called the police who launched an investigation and have questioned one person as a suspect.

Farah’s lawyer said the system stores the data of the person who used the magnetic card, and that is how it emerged that the maid had entered the room twice, without any explanation, and that is why she became the suspect.

Theoretically, the hotel is responsible for the valuables kept in the safe, up to 50 times the daily cost of the room, but it does not want to pay up, the lawyer said.

He added that there is no limit to the hotel’s liability if valuables placed in the central safe disappear or if the losses incurred by a guest are imputed to an employee.

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