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27th February, 2020

DK calls for border controls due to coronavirus

The Democratic Coalition wants to know why the government has not introduced epidemiological checks for the coronavirus infection on the land borders, for example for traffic passing through Hungary from northern Italy.

Party executive vice president Csaba Molnár told a news conference that they did not want to cause panic, but only wished that the government would provide reassuring answers to their questions.

He said approximately two million Romanian citizens are employed as guest workers in Italy, of whom about 800,000 live in northern Italy, close to the European epicentre of the virus.

Romanian migrant workers have travelled through Hungary in large numbers in recent days, he added.

The Democratic Coalition has been informed that Hungarian-Romanian border travellers are subject to epidemiological controls before entering Romania, but there are no such controls on arrival in Hungary, he said.

Molnár emphasised that Schengen rules allow EU member states to introduce border controls for public health and safety measures in epidemic situations.

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