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13th February, 2020

Swimming complex drops discrimination appeal

The MOM Sports Swimming Complex has dropped an appeal after earlier discriminating against an LGBTQ sports club.

In 2017, the swimming complex in Budapest reserved a lane in a swimming pool for the Atlasz Sports Association by phone before realizing the club was an LGBTQ organization, after which it denied entry to the club citing overcrowding.

Atlasz turned to the Equal Treatment Authority which ruled in its favour. The swimming complex asked for a court to review the decision, but the Capital Court rejected the request. The company filed an appeal, but has now dropped it two days before the trial was to begin.

“We welcome the company’s decision but we fail to understand why it took three years and unnecessary proceedings for them to realise that they made a mistake,” Tamás Dombos, a senior official with Háttér Társaság (Background Society) said. “Today, it must be clear for every company, and particularly for a company run by a local council, that they may not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.”

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