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10th February, 2020

Serbian authorities remove migrants from border

Serbian authorities used 15 to 20 buses to transport migrants away from the temporarily closed Hungarian border station at 2 a.m. early Friday morning.

Several hundred refugees left the Serbian city of Subotica toward the Hungarian border Thursday afternoon, and gathered at the Hungarian border station of Kelebia. Hungarian police had closed the border at Tompa during the day, and some 750 arriving refugees – mostly from Syria and Afghanistan – sat down along the road and began to set up tents and sleeping bags, intending to spend the night there.

The participants of the quiet procession stressed that their act was peaceful and that they wanted to be allowed to pass through Hungary toward Western Europe, mostly to Germany.

On Thursday evening, the Serbian defence minister appeared on the scene and said that false information had spread among the refugees that the Hungarian border would be opened, accounting for why so many people had come to the border from around Serbia.

The buses, escorted by police vehicles, took the refugees to reception centres. Hungarian police opened the border station at 7 a.m. Friday morning.

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