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7th February, 2020

New premium office restaurant ready to expand

The owners of Kantin, a premium office restaurant, will open new outlets in Budapest after their first venture outperformed expectations, Portfolio reports.

The first such restaurant opened in the Advance Tower office building on Váci út in the summer of 2019.

The owner of Kantin, Pomodoro, has teamed up with sector peers Albatros Catering and Pastel to build a restaurant chain to offer high quality catering. The parties plan to open another unit this year and three more restaurants later.

Sustained economic growth has led to increased demand for higher-quality offices, and real estate developers are increasingly including premium services in their projects, according to Valter Kalaus, a leading partner of VLK Cresa, which will help find future locations for Kantin.

Catering is part of this, as rising real wages and the expectations of generation Y and Z employees have paved the way for the opening of new premium restaurants for office workers, he added.

Kantin offers vegetarian, international and traditional Hungarian cuisine and café options.

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