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5th February, 2020

ECHR again orders Hungary to feed asylum-seekers

The European Court of Human Rights stopped another case of starvation in Hungary’s transit zone at the Serbian border, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee wrote on its Facebook page yesterday.

The 29th victim of what the NGO calls systematic starvation by the Hungarian authorities is an Afghan man. He did not receive any food for a week until the European Court ordered that authorities provide him with food.

Until then he only received food from rations set aside by his pregnant and seriously ill wife and daughter.

The EU has begun infringement proceedings against the cabinet because it refuses to feed people in the transit zone, the NGO said.

This has happened 18 times since August 2018. In every case the human rights group turned to the Strasbourg court and the tribunal told the cabinet in each case to provide meals to people without delay.

The Helsinki Committee writes: “we cannot rest idly until the cabinet realises that it is its basic duty to provide meals to people detained in the transit zones”.

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