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31st January, 2020

Tesco re-enters filling station market

Tesco has opened a unit in a Shell petrol station on Haller utca in Budapest’s Ninth District and plans to open three more at filling stations in February, Napi reports.

A similar co-operation between the oil company and the retail chain ended nearly three years ago in May 2017, Napi recalls.

The shop at the filling station has a double brand: Shell-Tesco. Products are provided by Tesco but the shop is operated by Shell.

This is a pilot project, Tesco said, adding that its success will be evaluated later this year.

Napi adds that Austrian oil company OMV operates shops jointly with retail chain Spar. Lukoil is also a partner of Spar, while MOL has launched its own filling station food shop chain under the Fresh Corner brand.

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