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16th January, 2020

Hungarian wins €30mn lottery prize

A Hungarian won €30 million in the Europe-wide Eurojackpot lottery on November 22, state gambling company Szerencsejáték announced on Wednesday.

The winner had to report to the company to collect his winnings within 90 days of the date of the draw, and he did so a few days ago.

The winner, a resident of the countryside, said in an anonymous questionnaire for jackpot winners that he plays the Eurojackpot every week but never previously won a large sum.

His said he learned at a lottery kiosk that he had hit the jackpot and he immediately notified his wife.

The winner said he will now be able to afford travel, a car and a flat, but will also contribute to charity and investments, for which he will consult a financial investor.

He said he will continue to buy lottery tickets.

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