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16th January, 2020

New low-cost terminal opens at airport

Liszt Ferenc International operator Budapest Airport will open a new light material structure for low-fare flight passengers from Friday after test operations began on Wednesday.

The current so-called container terminal, which has attracted considerable criticism for the low level of service, will be demolished.

The new 5,500m2 structure will provide greater comfort for passengers, such as seats, heating and cooling, toilets and shops.

Budapest Airport financed the Ft 8.3 billion project from its own resources.

Balázs Fürjes, the state secretary in charge of Budapest development projects, said the building should have been constructed eight years, ago, but the government inherited an adverse situation caused by the privatisation of the airport, which he called “one of the most irresponsible privatisation deals of the last 30 years”.

Budapest Airport chairman Gerhard Schröder stressed that the airport cannot develop without Budapest, and vice-versa, which is why they are working together and developing their facilities.

Passenger traffic increased by 8% last year to a record 16.2 million.

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