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6th January, 2020

Fidesz MP angered by segregation ruling

Local Fidesz MP László Horváth lashed out at “the money-grabbing operations of the Soros network” on Saturday after the Kúria ruled that the state must pay compensation for the segregation of Roma and non-Roma children in a Gyöngyöspata school in 2004-17.

The binding ruling, following three years of legal proceedings, stated that 60 children will be paid a total of Ft 99 million in compensation for being taught separately from their majority classmates, at a lower standard at the Nekcsei Demeter Primary School.

Of that sum the local council of Gyöngyös¬pata is ordered to pay Ft 80 million.

“This ruling may be legitimate but it is unfair because it punishes the entire village,” Horváth told reporters, adding that the town’s annual revenues total about Ft 40 million.

The peace and calm won with difficulty in Gyöngyöspata in recent years could be destroyed by “these millions thrown among Roma families,” he declared.

The Disadvantaged Children’s Foundation launched the compensation lawsuit in 2016 after three judicial forums found that the school provider had severely violated the civil rights of the Roma children by separating them from non-Roma children.

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