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6th January, 2020

MNB to support green home purchases

The MNB will support purchasers of energy efficient homes, deputy governor Csaba Kandrács told economic news website Növekedés on Friday.

He said the MNB will ease capital requirements for banks which offer at least a 0.3 percentage point interest rate deduction to those who buy homes with an energy certification of BB or better.

Kandrács mentioned no date for the launch of the new construction.

The capital requirement decrease is 5% of the mortgage provided on BB category homes and 7% on homes in the AA category.

The discount will also be available for renovation and modernisation works, and for condominiums and communities of homeowners.

Kandrács argued that the value of “green” homes is more resilient than that of others, and their lower maintenance costs means that their purchasers are more likely to pay off their mortgages.

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