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2nd January, 2020

Revellers injured by firecrackers

Firecrackers caused numerous accidents on Tuesday night, National Ambulance Service spokesman Pál Győrfi announced on Wednesday.

Paramedics were alerted to treat hand and facial injuries in 14 such cases across Hungary.

More broadly, paramedics tended to 3,068 cases on New Year’s Eve, 908 of them in Budapest.

The period between midnight and 4 a.m. was particularly difficult in Budapest and the big cities, when ambulance service units were constantly active.

Alongside traffic accidents, fires, and medical problems, more than 200 people were hospitalised due to excessive consumption of alcohol. About 10% of them were minors.

Meanwhile fireworks caused more than 50 fires on New Year’s Eve, according to National Disaster Response spokesman Dániel Mukics.

He said dry leaves or bushes were burning in 27 locations and in 11 other places trash cans burst into flames.

In some places, garages, roofs and balconies caught fire, and fire also damaged ten buildings and two cars.

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