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31st December, 2019

Hospitals ban photography

Hospitals are warning patients and visitors against taking photographs lest the images damage the reputation of the institutions, 444 reports.

The website has received photographs from readers of warnings posted at the Szent György Hospital in Székesfehérvár and at the Nyírő Gyula hospital in Budapest.

The identically worded signs warn that photographs of others may be taken with their assent only.

The sign goes on to state that any possible shortcomings detected in the hospital should be reported to the head of the institution immediately in the interest of dealing with the problem as soon as possible.

“Where the records of material conditions damage the reputation of the institution, the institution shall take the necessary legal steps in order to preserve public confidence in the security of patient care.”

The State Health Care Centre instructed hospital executives last spring to prohibit or require directors’ permission to take pictures in institutions, HVG reports.

The national freedom of information authority declared the ban illegal in June, saying it is clearly in the public interest to take pictures in a hospital, in full respect of individual rights.

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