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18th December, 2019

Hungarian mafia boss arrested in US

A Hungarian man arrested by the FBI in the United States is suspected by the Komárom county prosecutor general’s office of committing budgetary fraud, money laundering and other crimes as part of a criminal organisation.

The man allegedly founded an organisation in 2015 that issued bogus invoices to two companies headquartered in Tatabánya, causing nearly Ft 1 billion worth of tax damages to the state budget.

The two Tatabánya-based companies transferred funds to phony companies, from where they were moved to the accounts of companies in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and the UK. From there, the funds flowed back to a Tata-based company, which in turn bought 12 properties which it rented out.

Searches were conducted in 162 locations in Hungary, Poland, England and Slovakia as part of the investigation. Drugs were impounded at several places and six men were arrested.

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