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11th December, 2019

MPs approve childcare benefit for grandparents

Parliament yesterday voted to introduce a grandparental child-care benefit, entitling not-yet-retired grandparents to request a stay-home benefit for looking after their very young grandchildren from January 1.

Parents can transfer the right to the benefit if they themselves are entitled to it and are employed. A further condition is that the grandparent has to have been insured for at least 365 days in the two years preceding the birth of the child. The child must live in the parents’ household and the grandparent taking the benefit may only work from home.

The grandparental childcare benefit can be requested for two years after a child’s birth, or three years in the case of twins.

The cabinet hopes that this benefit provides further help for families raising children. The benefit will be Ft 208,000 per month for those receiving an average salary.

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