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28th November, 2019

City harmonises parking rules

Budapest city council on Wednesday amended parking regulations in order to standardise practices across the city.

From July 1, 2020, district councils or companies established by them for that purpose must operate parking meters, supervise the payment of fees, and maintain services.

Due to the widespread use of payment by mobile phone, fewer payment machines will be needed. Instead of the current regulations whereby such machines must be within 75 metres of the parking place, the maximum distance rises to 250 metres, with the proviso that an information is placed within 75 metres. The boards will provide information about the nearest payment machines and the code for payment by mobile phone in the given zone.

Due to the increased distance, the maximum period for paying the fee rises from five minutes to ten minutes.

In addition, city council is initiating a reduction of the payment fee charged by the state-run National Mobile Payment company and telephone service providers.

Separately, city council set aside Ft 47 million for additional measures aimed at improving crisis care for homeless people.

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