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21st November, 2019

GVH fines HelloPay over default tips

GVH has fined HelloPay Ft 20 million because the digital payment provider automatically charged a 10% default tip on all payments made by consumers at events and festivals serviced by HelloPay, the competition authority GVH announced on Wednesday.

The GVH concluded that the default tip placed unacceptable psychological pressure on consumers.

It added that a default tip limits free consumer decisions, especially at festivals, where there are long queues and lots of noise.

Sources regularly consulted, with abbreviations used in text: Népszabadság (N); Magyar Hírlap (MH); Világgazdaság (VG); Napi Gazdaság (NG); Magyar Nemzet (MN); Népszava (Nsz); Kossuth Rádió news (KR); nightly TV news (TV).

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