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20th November, 2019

Court sentences former Questor head

Csaba Tarsoly, the former head of fraudulent brokerage Questor, has been found guilty by a court for the first time.

In the non-binding ruling, the Capital Appeals Court ordered Tarsoly to pay Ft 11.2 billion in damages, because he did not act on behalf of creditors once he became aware of the danger of insolvency.

The MNB withdraw Quaestor’s licence on March 10, 2015, one day after the brokerage declared bankruptcy.

The company issued Ft 150 billion of fraudulent bonds and could not repay investors. The state paid Ft 60 billion to victims.

Tarsoly was detained on March 29, 2015. According to the indictment, Ft 77 billion was embezzled in “the largest fraud in Hungary”.

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