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12th November, 2019

More volunteers join Tisza clean-up

More and more volunteers are taking part in the PET Cup, a litter-collection drive in the flood area of the Tisza, as more companies make use of the activity as a team-building exercise.

The Tisza PET Cup has become so well known that attention is focused not only on the competition on the Upper Tisza in the summer, and participants now go to the river or Lake Tisza throughout the year, according to organiser Viktória Doró.

The litter-collection drive is part of efforts aimed at preserving Hungary’s water supply.

This is the central topic of the November 24 national water value conference organised by the Hungarian Water and Waste Water Technological Association, to be held at the Ludovika campus of the National Public Service University.

The association works with the Hungarian Water Partnership of water industry companies and professional organisations which transfer Hungarian expertise abroad.

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