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7th November, 2019

Takarékbank hit by online banking problems

Takarékbank’s online banking services collapsed yesterday following work to integrate the systems of 13 banks that were merged into the group.

The bank advised clients with non-urgent needs to carry out the task later or visit one of the Takarékbank branches, where the system was still working.

Experts employed by the bank said too many clients wanted to use online services after the long break in the services, thereby overloading the system.

Index readers said they were also unable to use their bank cards issued by Takarékbank. As a result, some of them could not access their salary for days.

Takarékbank branches were closed on Monday and Tuesday while the IT infrastructure was updated.

Takarékbank announced yesterday that the IT integration of the 13 banks was successful, but that there were problems in accessing online banking services because of heavy demand.

CEO József Vida pointed out that the merger creates the fifth largest bank in Hungary.

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