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6th November, 2019

Spar spends Ft 1.8bn on renovations

Supermarket chain Spar has invested Ft 1.8 billion in upgrading four outlets in Budapest, Cegléd, Makó and Salgótarján.

As in previous projects, the supermarket chain installed energy and environmentally friendly refrigeration and lighting technology and self-service checkouts.

The retailer plans to spend Ft 29.5 billion on renovating 14 units and opening new stores in Tata and Budapest before the year’s end.

Last year, the company spent Ft 32 billion on network development, opening six new stores and renovating 17 units.

Spar employs some 13,000 people at its 570 stores in Hungary, including 188 that operate as franchises.

Turnover rose last year by 9.8% to Ft 618 billion, including Ft 36.4 billion generated by its meat business Regnum, while sales of the franchise network came to Ft 36 billion.

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