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30th October, 2019

Government to expand health tax

The government is planning to expand the tax on foods considered unhealthy to products containing sweeteners from January 1, Népszava has learned.

The tax on such products will be half of the tax levied on other foods.

The tax exemption for fruit juices will be limited to products with at least 75% fruit content, up from the present 25%.

Breakfast products presented as high in fibre will be taxed if their fibre content is less than 8%.

Chips with fat content over 20% will be taxed even if they have little salt.

Energy drinks containing caffeine or other stimulants will be taxed at Ft 100 per litre.

Revenues from the tax are estimated to reach Ft 52 billion this year, below the Ft 57 billion target. The 2020 target is Ft 78 billion.

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