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28th October, 2019

Hungary and US rebuilding Iraqi town

Iraq’s biggest Christian town, Karakos, is being rebuilt in Hungarian-American co-operation, in accordance with the Hungarian government’s policy that humanitarian aid should be taken where the trouble is rather than bringing the trouble to Europe, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on the weekend.

The US Agency for International Aid (USAID) is working with the Hungary Helps Programme to rebuild the town of Karakos, an ancient centre of the Iraqi Christian community devastated by Islamic State forces, as a follow-up to an agreement signed by Hungary and the US last December and the meeting of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and US President Donald Trump in May.

Hungary has donated $1.4 million in the past three years to the Syrian Catholic archdiocese of Karakos, to help clear away ruins, rid the town of mines and reconstruct residential buildings.

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