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24th October, 2019

Forty Újpest city hall workers quit

The opposition is facing serious problems in some local authorities following surprising victories at the elections on October 13, website 24 reports.

There is a lack of officials and most positions at local councils need people with experience and local knowledge, but they are not always helpful, 24 adds.

In Újpest, Budapest’s Fourth District, for example, 40 people resigned last week after the defeat of the Fidesz incumbent but before the new mayor could take office.

By the time new mayor Tibor Déri of Momentum could take office on October 17, the city hall was almost empty.

“We have not come here to purge, but to work, and would like to co-operate with everyone ready to work for Újpest, regardless of political conviction,” he said to city hall workers.

Separately, in the Ninth District, new mayor Krisztina Baranyi, found that file folders were empty when she took office,

Baranyi said she has been following the work of the office and district-owned companies and knows where to intervene.

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