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25th September, 2019

Doctors did not boo state secretaries

Doctors did not boo state secretaries offstage at a Saturday forum, contrary to some reports, Chamber of Doctors president István Éger told website 24.

The meeting of the chamber, at which some government officials spoke, was fair and successful, but at the same time it did not achieve any results,” he said.

He said reports that the doctors had hissed and booed at state secretaries Ildikó Horváth and Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky are not true, but added: “There is no doubt the representatives of the government had arrived empty-handed and the doctors did not take that well”.

Even though the meeting brought no results, it was not unnecessary or useless, because negotiations are going to resume, Éger said, adding that he had already been contacted by the ministry.

Sources regularly consulted, with abbreviations used in text: Népszabadság (N); Magyar Hírlap (MH); Világgazdaság (VG); Napi Gazdaság (NG); Magyar Nemzet (MN); Népszava (Nsz); Kossuth Rádió news (KR); nightly TV news (TV).

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