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25th September, 2019

BKV union demands 15% pay rise

The unified transport union EKSZ is initiating wage talks at Budapest public transport company BKV, union leader Gábor Naszályi told Inforádió on Tuesday.

The union demands a 15% wage rise for next year, he said, adding that the EKSZ also wanted a 15% raise this year but the city-owned company agreed to only an 8% increase.

Employees are waiting for the promised “heat money” – compensation for working in the extreme summer heat – on which an agreement was to be signed this month, but talks scheduled for September 19 were postponed to September 30, said Naszályi.

The BKV rejects claims that conditions at employees’ accommodation are unacceptable and that the temperatures occasionally rose above 40C in the passenger areas of their buses in the summer, a temperature at which it is forbidden to transport cattle.

Practically speaking, if employees would like to receive this extra bonus in October, then they simply have to accept what the BKV offers, Portfolio suggests.

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