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24th September, 2019

Town paper photoshops opposition

Bácskai Napló, the official paper of the Baja town council, has published heavily photoshopped portraits of opposition candidates in the upcoming local elections, showing them with big noses, brown skin and distorted eyes.

The paper is free and is delivered straight to the city’s residents’ mailboxes. Gitta Dani, one of the candidates, published a revealing video about the case.

The noses of some candidates were made to resemble that of the Borneo long-nose monkey, there were some farcical moustaches and necks were bent. The complexion of a couple of candidates were given a darker hue – probably to trigger readers sensitive to this issue, 444 writes.

“Bácskai Napló has grotesquely distorted our faces. Cross-eyed, diabolical gazes, spotty, gloomy complexions, ugly, reconstructed features for all 11 of us,” said Dani.

Opposition candidates are taking legal steps in the matter.

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