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19th September, 2019

Compensation awarded to segregated Roma pupils

The Debrecen Court of Appeals has ordered financial reparations to be paid to Roma children for their segregation and poor-quality education at a school in Gyöngyöspata, Heves county. The sums must be paid to the families within 15 days.

The Kúria established in 2015 that Roma pupils had been segregated at the Nekcsei Demeter Primary School in Gyöngyöspata, but it was decided only on Wednesday that they are eligible for compensation.

Lawyers for the Chance for Disadvantaged Children Foundation represented the 62 affected children in the lawsuit. The trial began in 2016 with lawyers demanding Ft 209 million in damages.

The second level court ruled that Ft 500,000 was to be paid annually per child for the years 2004 to 2012 (under the 2004 act on equal treatment). As there was only physical segregation of the students from 2012, the students are to paid annual sums of Ft 300,000 for the years until 2017.

A legal review of the ruling can be requested at the Kúria within 60 days, but the first payments must still be made within 15 days.

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