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16th August, 2019

Volunteers clear away Tisza litter

Volunteers collected 8-10 tons of garbage along 80km of the Tisza river in the seventh annual PET Cup.

The initiative attracted 320 volunteers, who worked from 16 boats made of plastic bottles.

The week-long Tisza litter-collection competition was organised by Természetfilm.hu for the seventh year.

Long-term results are starting to show, organisers say, as there was much less litter than in earlier years despite flood waves bringing trash from Ukraine and Romania every year.

Scientists found 15 times more micro-plastic on the Tisza riverbed close to Ukraine than in the Danube near Vienna.

Half of the gathered litter – primarily glass and plastics – will be recycled in Hungary and by the Belgian organisation Waste-Free Ocean. Unrecyclable waste is to be transported to incinerators.

The team from Tilos Rádió won the competition. A special prize was given to a Hungarian family of four children living in the US who travelled home to take part in the competition.

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