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25th July, 2019

Distiller creates first Hungarian gin

Lawyer Bálint Dámosy has started up the first gin distillery in Hungary under the brand name Opera, having spotted a gap in the market.

His is a classic start-up, in which family and friends pooled resources to help him to realise the dream

After a lot of licensing and preparation Opera entered the market in February.

Preparation was not easy, as Dámosy experimented for months with recipes – using 2,000 litres of alcohol – to arrive at his own unique gin.

Now, just half a year after the launch, he is already producing a profit.

Opera Gin has achieved this success without any credit and or other external help.

However, an international expansion would require increased capital.

“The idea has always been to stand before a potential investor with an already proven and marketable product,” he declared.

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