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24th July, 2019

Tesco converting stores into malls

Tesco is transforming many of its largest outlets in Hungary into small shopping malls, the head of Central Europe operations Matt Simister told Magyar Nemzet in an interview.

The aim, he said, is not to reduce floor space, but to make much better use of available space by eliminating areas that are not performing too well, such as selling technical products.

The sales area of the Budaörs hypermarket has been reduced from 16,000m2 to 6,300m2, but the area now includes a post office, restaurants, boutiques, a pharmacy and a currency exchange office.

According to the CEO, a hypermarket that reminds shoppers of a mall is much more attractive to customers.

Simister said there are no plans to open new stores, but rather to improve the existing retail space and improve the shopping experience.

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