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18th July, 2019

Tímea Vajna inherits fortune

According to official papers, the widow of Andy Vajna, Tímea Vajna is the inheritor of the late film producer’s estimated Ft 50-100 billion fortune, but the situation is not clear-cut.

She has already signed documents about the sale of the TV2 Group as heir.

There has been much speculation about and reorganisations of Vajna’s wealth and estate, involving trustees and offshore companies.

Nevertheless, it seems, that some of his tens of billions of forints are in a trust fund, with the heir, Tímea Vajna as the beneficiary.

In addition to the widow, there is only one more asset manager in the trust, Samuel R. Falconello, a billionaire former business associate of the producer.

Tímea Vajna recently placed an advertisement to sell her Lamborghini on Instagram, which implies that she needs funds to maintain her lifestyle, website g7 observes.

Complications derive from the fact that it is not at all clear what currently constitutes Vajna property in the US trust fund and what has wandered out of it in recent years.

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