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25th June, 2019

EC finds no double standard in food quality

There is no proof that the quality of the same food products differs in Eastern and Western European shops, the European Commission found in a report published on Monday.

The occurrence of different content but similarly packaged products has no clear geographical pattern, the authority said after examining 1,400 products across 19 European countries.

Among the investigated goods, 23% had the same content at all locations and 27% indicated the different content on packaging.

Different content but identical packaging was found in 9% of the products and different content was found in similar packaging in 22% of the goods.

Different content did not mean different quality, the researchers underlined.

After the introduction of regulations banning double standards in food quality, European consumers may be confident that they are buying the same quality at any location, said European Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Affairs Vera Jourová.

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