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18th June, 2019

New trains too big for tunnels

The first double-decker KISS commuter trains set to enter into service in Hungary next year do not fit into the tunnel leading to Buda’s Déli station.

As a result, trains bound for the station will travel only as far as Kelenföld station while the problem is addressed.

The floor of the tunnel will be lowered, in a project expected to last one month.

The height of the new trains is 4.595 metres, while that of the presently used Flirt commuter trains is 4.281 metres.

Contracts with Stadler for the purchase of the new vehicles were signed in 2017. State railway company MÁV ordered 19 such trains for Ft 5.5 billion.

Each has 600 seats, as compared to 200 on the Flirts.

The vehicles are due to arrive in the MÁV-Start fleet in the beginning of 2020, for use on the lines linking Budapest to Vác and Szolnok.

The new trains are planned to be used on the Balaton line as well from the summer of 2020, which makes it necessary to lower the base of the tracks leading to Déli.

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